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Hello! So happy you dropped by. My name is Rae Dastoor. I am an actor & artist with one simple goal: to make people feel seen through art.


I recently graduated from Point Park University (Class of '22) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and a Minor in Psychology. 


I had the joy of being in Rescuing Christmas, a Holiday Hallmark film, airing Dec. 7th!

Artist Statement

As an actress of Parsi (Persian & Indian) descent, as well as White/European, I find that my unique identity fuels my art. Diverse representation is extremely important to me in my creative process. I aspire to make art that is inclusive, and reflects the diversity of the people who will be watching it.   


I hope to make the kind of art that stays with people, that sparks a conversation on the ride home. The kind of art that is active.

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